Why using a Recruitment Agency is good for Business!


These days, finding the best candidates is hard, even with the unemployment rate increasing you still need to create a strong candidate attraction and engagement strategy to ensure your brand and opportunity stands out.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect upon many companies it has meant that businesses are using this time to adjust the way their organisation’s operate, and, for some looking to add new talent to their company. Recruitment agencies can deliver exceptional candidates who offer the skills and experience to fit your organisation.

These days, finding the best candidates is hard, even with the unemployment rate increasing you still need to create a strong candidate attraction and engagement strategy to ensure your brand and opportunity stands out. You will naturally receive A LOT of candidate applications, but the hours spent going through each of these individually can be time consuming and not cost effective, let alone responding to each applicant.

If you do not have a dedicated in-house recruiter, other members of your team will suffer under the additional recruiting workload. Even with a dedicated recruiter, you still might not find that perfect candidate.


Advertising new vacancies is time consuming and can be challenging to attract the calibre of candidates required for the role. At Utopian Professional Recruitment, we offer the resources and tools to bring your vacancy alive ensuring it reaches as many people as possible.

We can identify Talent & Skills

It is important to understand we specialise in identifying top talent. Utopian Professional Recruitment can provide you with access to people that possess the skills & experience your company needs.

Some candidates, those with niche skills, can be challenging to find, and may not respond to job adverts or wary of moving roles right now. We know how to reach these candidates and have the tools and resources to find out if they are currently open to discussing new opportunities and we will make that connection for you.

When you partner with us, you are gaining access to a whole market of hidden talent that you would not have access to otherwise.

Industry Insight & Market Knowledge

A benefit working with Utopian Professional Recruitment is we have been recruiting for small, national and international organisations for over 15yrs across a wide range of industry sectors. We are constantly speaking with candidates and clients, gaining better knowledge, a deeper understanding, valuable insights and useful advice, whilst making connections along the way.

Saves Time

Using Utopian Professional Recruitment will shorten the time required to fill your open vacancies. By understanding and fully qualifying the vacancy, we will represent your brand professionally and positively using our bespoke attraction and engagement strategies.

We will filter through all CV’s and cover letters then take forward all suitable applicants through a pre-screen selection process, then decide who to take forward to an interview. A full interview is conducted using various interview questions & techniques bespoke to your vacancy. We also ensure ahead of submitting any CV’s to the Hiring Manager, all applicants are fully registered and have the right to work in the UK.

We can often find candidates a lot quicker as we already have a network of talented individuals. When using us, you have the opportunity to tap into these individuals and be confident knowing they are already vetted.

Higher Quality Candidates

When using Utopian Professional Recruitment, you will be assured all candidates are fully registered and vetted which will naturally improve the quality of candidates in your recruitment process. Whilst we are experts in our field, we are professionally trained to assess candidates.

Cost Effective

If you are recruiting directly, you will have the cost of job advertisements and the time it is taking staff to come away from their day to day job to manage a recruitment process. If you find one advert is not working, you then spend more money placing more adverts.

Utopian Professional Recruitment will save your business time because we take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. No more sifting through CV’s, we will ensure that the time you spend on the application process is spent wisely on viewing those worth considering.

Using Utopian Professional Recruitment to identify and attract talent, negotiate terms and manage your recruitment process can relieve a huge amount of pressure. This approach helps organisations find the people they need to move forward as a business, bring them to interview and secure their services within budget.

We only charge our client when a successful candidate has been placed – Simple.

Flexible Solutions

Utopian Professional Recruitment offer flexible hiring solutions based around you company’s needs which include temporary or seasonal workers, temporary to permanent solutions, fixed term and permanent contracts. All of which are discussed at time of qualifying the opportunity available.

For more information please do get in touch with Utopian Professional Recruitment by calling 0131 618 9004